Water Stewardship in The Woodlands

Water Stewardship in The Woodlands

By Bob Dailey

Single-family water usage in The Woodlands for 2020 was approximately 3.5 billion gallons, a far cry from the 2011 usage of 5.7 billion gallons – a decrease of over two billion gallons.

Of course, 2011 was a drought year. But even with that consideration, the reduction is significant. The decrease from 2009 – which was not a drought year – is equally as telling.

The number of single-family homes has increased about two percent a year, which means, of course, that the population has also increased. Lower per capita water usage, plus a two percent population growth, is impressive.

Interested observers note that residents of The Woodlands have significantly reduced their water usage. Lower residential water consumption is not the only water-related item that has impacted the community. Community-minded stewardship has also expanded.

For instance, The Woodlands Township has significantly reduced water consumption in its parks and public places, saving about 9 million gallons per year. The township’s Environmental Services Department has been highly active in promoting the water conservation message.

Other groups have expanded their support of stewardship here. The Woodlands Green, the author of the recycling initiative in The Woodlands, has also become involved, outreaching to the public, students, and others about stewardship importance. The group sponsors monthly talks, many of them about water-related topics.

The Village Associations are also involved in stewardship, welcoming speakers at their monthly meetings on water conservation topics and other water-related items.

Interfaith of The Woodlands, through their water conservation efforts at their community gardens and elsewhere, Boy and Girl Scouts, National Charity League and their cohorts, National League of Young Men, as well as the Woodlands Green Student Ambassadors and other organizations, have embraced water stewardship.

The Adopt-A-Path movement, Earth Day Greenup, and many other activities do much to reduce the pollution of our streams, lakes, and waterways.

In short, significant numbers of The Woodlands residents are actively involved with water conservation and stewardship at large -with an uncommon awareness of the importance water plays in our lives.

Woodlands Water will continue to urge water conservation through the Defined Irrigation Schedule, an inclining rate structure the Monday Waterworks email, rebates on water-saving devices and native, drought-tolerant plants, our W.I.S.E. Guys program, and various continuing education programs.

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