Rebates abound from your water service

Rebates abound from your water service

By Bob Dailey

Customers of Woodlands Water have a lifetime $150.00 rebate (50% of $300.00) on a wide variety of water savings devices.

Here are rebate categories available to residents:

Native Plants

A new initiative, begun in 2018, is the rebate program for native plants. Woodlands Water has chosen 100 drought-tolerant plants native to Southeast Texas. Once established, these plants will save money on water bills, because they need less water than most non-natives. The list of acceptable plants, and authorized dealers are described at

Rain Barrels

The Woodlands receives almost 50 inches of rain a year. However, once that rain falls, it flows out of The Woodlands on its way to the Gulf. Rain barrels are one way to capture some of that water for our use. Rain barrels come in all shapes and sizes and are available at big box outlets, nurseries, and online. One source for rain barrels is a non-profit organization – The Woodlands Green- which offers the barrels at significant discounts. Add the rebate and it’s a great deal. (

Smart Water Controllers

A burgeoning new water-saving technology has entered the scene – smart controllers. Smart controllers take the place of existing irrigation controllers, connecting to your wi-fi system and controllable on your mobile phone, laptop of desktop – from anywhere in the world. These systems take information from evapotranspiration centers, NOAA and other weather services and adapt your watering needs in relation to rainfall.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems work especially well for ornamental plants. No water is wasted. Instead of some water being lost through evaporation, all the water gets down to the roots of the plants, where it’s needed.

Rain Sensors

Inexpensive but effective, these devices use a simple evaporation process to determine rain amount. They will turn your irrigation system on or off depending on the amount of rainfall received. Of course, the rain sensor rebate is only available if you haven’t already received a rebate for a smart controller.

Residents can take their receipts to the Water Resources building at 2455 Lake Robbins Drive, send it to Woodlands Water, 2455 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands TX 77830, ATTENTION: Rebate or email a copy of the receipt to The rebate will appear on the next water bill cycle.