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Can be reached Monday through Friday from 8am until 5pm by calling 281-367-1271

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Where is my meter?

The meter boxes are located in the front of the property line, usually shared between two houses with both meters in one box.

How do I read my meter?

The Woodlands MUDs bill customers in thousands of gallons used. Therefore, our meter reader would not include the three numbers with a black background on the right side of the display. For more information see How To Read Your Water Meter.

Why is my bill high?

The most common reasons for high water bills are toilet leaks, sprinkler leaks and over-watering.

How do I check for a leak?

Water meters have a built-in leak indicator. If all faucets are turned off and the indicator spins, there is a leak.

What should I do if I have a leak?

A leak between the meter box and the house is the homeowners’ responsibility. Under certain circumstances, a one-time leak adjustment can be granted. Call your Customer Service Representative for more information at 281-367-1271.

How do I reduce the risk of a sewer back-up from the Municipal Utility District main collection line from entering my home?

Main sewer line back-ups that actually affect a customer's home are relatively rare and are usually caused by an accumulation of household grease. Cooking oils and grease of any type should never be poured into the sink, garbage disposal or commode. Household grease can coagulate into a big enough mass to completely block a main sewer line. Check your Homeowners Insurance Policy.

If you don't have sewer back-up or overflow coverage, it makes sense to add it...or better yet, eliminate the source of the problem by disposing of grease and cooking oils with the normal household trash.

What do I do in the event of a sewer backup?

In the event of a sewer backup, call the MUD office at 281-367-1271, and we will check the main line. After hours and on weekends call 281-367-1271 for emergency assistance.

Is there a main shut-off valve and where is it located?

In most cases, the shut-off valves are located on the same side of the house as the meter box. They may be located in the garage or laundry room.

Where is my sewer clean-out?

Normally the sewer clean-out is located at the front of the house and on the opposite side from the meter box. It is a 4” pipe with a white cap.

My meter box is full of water!

If the water is running, there is a leak and you need to contact the MUD office at 281-367-1271. If the water is still but clear and the ground is soggy, there may be a leak. Just contact our office and we will check it out.

My meter box is full of dirt - there is no way that they read the meter!

The meter reader will wipe the dirt or mud off of the register to read the number. This area will quickly fill back in with soil after the reading is taken.

Why is my bill high only part of the year?

Increased water usage during the summer months will cause your water bill to be higher.

Do you actually go out and read the meters?

Yes. Meters are read on a monthly schedule.

Can I make advance payments on my bill?

Yes. We do accept advance payments on your water/sewer account but not on your MUD tax. The advance payment will show on your account as a credit balance.

Can I have my payment withdrawn from my bank account?

Yes. You can download the Authorization Agreement for direct withdrawal payments from the Forms page, or you can stop by the office and pick one up. Call Customer Accounts at 281-367-1271.

When is my bill due?

Bills are mailed out by the last day of each month and are due on the last day of the following month. This amount shows on the bills.

Where and how can I pay my bill?

Your bill can be paid online, in person, placed in the outside drop box, mailed to the office, or directly withdrawn from your bank account. The address is 2455 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands, Texas 77380. If you prefer direct withdrawal, you can download the Authorization Agreement for direct withdrawal payments from the Forms page. We also accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express in person, over the phone and on our website. You can also pay by credit card or echeck by calling our automated payment line at 281-367-1271.

Can I make payment arrangements?

Payment arrangements can be made once a year on a case-by-case basis. Contact your Customer Accounts Representative at 281-367-1271 for help with this matter.

When are MUD tax statements mailed and due?

Municipal Utility District tax notices are mailed in October. Taxes are due upon receipt of the statement. Penalty and interest begin to accrue on February 1. Payments are posted according to postmark, so if a payment is mailed in late January, be sure to have the envelope postmarked by the postal service no later than January 31 to avoid penalties and interest.

What if the information (i.e. name, address, etc...) is wrong on my statement? How do I get this corrected?

Property owners are responsible for ensuring that the information on their tax statement is correct. Call the MUD Tax Dept. at 281-367-1271 if any information on the MUD tax statement is incorrect.

What if I receive a tax statement and my mortgage company escrows (pays) my taxes?

If a mortgage company pays your taxes and you receive the statement, write your loan number on the tax notice and send it to your mortgage company immediately.

What type of payment options do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and money orders. We also accept credit cards online - just follow this link to pay your taxes online. A 3.2% convenience fee will be charged to online credit card transactions and a $5.00 fee will be charged to eCheck transactions.

How do I find out if I am eligible for exemptions?

Contact the Montgomery Central Appraisal District at 936-441-2186 for assistance with exemption qualification questions.

I sold my property but continue to receive MUD tax statements. How can I remove my name from this account?

Contact the Montgomery Central Appraisal District (number above) to make any changes to your account.

What if I did not receive a MUD tax statement and my account becomes delinquent? Will I have to pay penalties?

If you do not receive a tax statement before November 1 each year, contact the MUD Tax Office at 281-367-1271. However, failure to receive a tax notice does not alter the validity of the tax, penalty, interest, the due date, the existence of a tax lien, or any procedure instituted to collect a tax (sec 31.01(g) Texas Property Tax Code).

I recently purchased my home and the sale was handled through an attorney or title company, who collected taxes at closing. Why did I receive a tax statement?

Check your closing papers or contact the title company. It is possible that the title company may have collected from the seller and credited you at the time of closing which would mean that you, as the new buyer, are responsible for paying the tax when due.

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