Sewer TV Inspection

Timely detection of sewer line issues are crucial for the proper functioning of your plumbing system. If you’re experiencing an issue with your sewer system – blockage, leaks or other concerns – Woodlands Water can help by providing a FREE TV SEWER LINE INSPECTION by a certified technician.

By taking advantage of this free service, you can:

  • Detect problems early: Early identification of issues allows for prompt repairs, preventing major disruptions and costly repairs in the future.
  • Ensure system efficiency: A properly functioning sewer system promotes efficient drainage, preventing backups and potential health hazards.
  • Protect property value: Maintaining well-functioning sewer lines helps preserve the value and integrity of your property.

Contact Woodlands Water Customer Service at 855-H2O-SAVE (426-7283). We’ll send a certified technician to your home at no cost to locate where a problem or break is in the line.

Please note:

  • Customers need to know where their sewer cleanout is located.
  • Woodlands Water technicians will not enter the home.
TV inspection man using equipment
Private sewer lateral
Sewer cleanout

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