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14 Candidates File for 2020 MUD Elections in The Woodlands

Nov. 3 election set for seven director positions on four MUD boards

THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS, May 12, 2020 – The field of candidates is set for the Nov. 3, 2020 elections for four Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) served by The Woodlands Water Agency.Fourteen candidates filed for nine director positions on the four MUD Boards. The can-didates are:

3 for 2 positions
Rhenalea Beck (incumbent)
Stephanie Zertuche (incumbent)
Don Sarich
MUD 47
4 for 3 positions
Paul Brown (incumbent)
Laura Norton (incumbent)
Mark Unland
Cynthia Ullman
MUD 46
3 for 2 positions
George Newman (incumbent)
Michael Hoberman
Dedra Ecklund
MUD 60
4 for 2 positions
Albert Tomchesson (incumbent)
Mike Wise (incumbent)
Forest Ralph
Betty M. Daugherty

These elections, originally set for May 2, 2020, were postponed until Nov.3, 2020. The MUD Boards made the decision to postpone the elections following Governor Greg Abbott’s COVID-19 disaster proclamation,which suspendedcertain provisions of the Texas Election Code.

Questions about the November MUD elections should be directed to Woodlands Water at 855-H2O-SAVE.

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