Winter Weather Event: Federal Disaster Relief Info

Due to the federal disaster declaration in Texas, affected Woodlands Water customers that have uninsured or under-insured necessary expenses and serious needs may be eligible for federal assistance. For more information, please go to:

Texas  Winter Storm Declaration Map FEMA 2021

Statement of The Woodlands Water AgencyRegarding Historic Winter Weather Event

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Feb. 16, 2021–The Woodlands Water Agency released the following statement today from James M. Stinson, P.E., General Manager of The Woodlands Water Agency:

“The water distribution system of the Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) served by The Wood-lands Water Agency remains strong despite several days of sub-freezing weather. As always, we are monitoring the water system 24/7. We see no neighborhood outages at this time. Our staff has responded to dozens of homeowner concerns about frozen pipes, broken plumbing and irrigation lines.

“Due to extreme weather-related technical difficulties, our 24-hour, on-call provider experienced phone service interruptions. While that system is being brought into service, we have posted a temporary service number on our Facebook and Twitter social media pages until on-call service is restored–936.446.6762. This number will remain active until our normal 24-hour on-call number –855-H20-SAVE, option 9–is fully operational.

“We appreciate the patience of our customers and urge everyone to stay safe during this historic winter weather event.”

CONTACT: James M. Stinson, P.E., General Manager, The Woodlands Water Agency, 855.426.7283.


COVID-19 Update: Commercial Building Owners and Managers Should Prepare Water Systems as Businesses Reopen

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, April 30, 2020 – As more buildings are reopened and come back online in the COVID-19 pandemic recovery, The Woodlands Water Agency urges extraordinary care in managing water systems.

State and federal agencies warn that stagnant water in pipes, ice machines, water fountains, and other devices must be flushed to avoid contamination. In our community, The Woodlands Water Agency just finished a township-wide flushing of fire hydrants, confirming the water distribution system is flushed and clear.

James M. Stinson, P.E., the Woodlands Water general manager, said, “For our customers whose commercial buildings were closed recently, we want to help them ensure the safety of their building water systems and devices. We recommend following state and federal guidance on restarting water systems in commercial buildings.”

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), stagnant or standing water in buildings can cause conditions that increase the risk for growth and spread of Legionnaire’s Disease (Legionella) and other bacteria. Stagnant water can also lead to low or undetectable levels of disinfectant, such as chlorine. The CDC recommends these actions before reopening your commercial building:

  • Develop a comprehensive water management program for your water system and all devices that use water.
  • Ensure your water heater is properly maintained and the temperature is correctly set.
  • Flush your water system – hot and cold water.
  • Clean all decorative water features, such as fountains.
  • Ensure hot tubs/spas are safe for use.
  • Ensure cooling towers are clean and well-maintained.
  • Ensure safety equipment including fire sprinkler systems, eye wash stations, and safety showers are clean and well-maintained.
  • Maintain your water system and water quality.

For more detailed CDC guidance on your maintaining your building’s water system, please go to:

For more information about The Woodlands Water Agency, please go to:

CONTACT: James M. Stinson, P.E., General Manager, The Woodlands Water Agency, 281-367-1271.

New study links aquifer pumping to fault line movement, structure damage in Montgomery County

A new report released by Southern Methodist University has linked the over pumping of water from aquifers to the movement of fault lines causing damage to structures across Montgomery County.

“We have been arguing this for years,” said San Jacinto River Authority General Manager Jace Houston. “This study puts it all together in one report. It concludes as groundwater declines the resulting subsidence is triggering the fault movement.”

According to the study — which was funded by NASA and SMU — “fault activation appears to be related to excessive groundwater exploitation from the Jasper aquifer in Montgomery County.”

Montgomery County is part of the Gulf Coast Aquifer which consists of several aquifers including the Jasper, Evangeline and Chicot.

Groundwater withdrawal from the Jasper aquifer has been increasing since 2000 as urban growth spreads northward, especially the extensive urban development in Montgomery County. The study notes that continued pumping of water from the aquifer is causing fault line movement which is linked to structural damage.

Most notable in Montgomery County was a 2012 lawsuit filed by The Woodlands Township Director Gordy Bunch against The Woodlands Development Co., claiming his home’s location on a fault line had cause so much damage the home value dropped from $1.2 million to $200,000 according to the Montgomery Central Appraisal District.

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WoodlandsWater Thanks Biff Picone for His Service

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Oct. 16, 2019 — The board of Montgomery County MUD No. 47 bid farewell to longtime friend and director Biff Picone on Tuesday. Biff resigned from the MUD 47 board to begin retirement in a new home on Lake Travis in the Hill Country. Director Picone was elected in May 1988 and served as president since October 1992.  Jim Stinson, general manager of WoodlandsWater, presented Biff with a plaque for his continued dedication and service to MUD 47.

Photo: MUD No. 47 board members Jennifer Ronk, Anthony Cardiel, Arthur Bredehoft, Paul Brown, and Laura Norton.

Woodlands Water Thanks Biff Picone for His Service

WJPA Changes Name to The Woodlands Water Agency

James M. Stinson, P.E., 832.813.6900

February 27, 2019 - 10 MUDs in The Woodlands unanimously approve ‘Woodlands Water’ campaign

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Feb. 27, 2019 – The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency, the central management agency for the 10 Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) that oversee water service operations for The Woodlands, announced an agreement today to rename the organization to The Woodlands Water Agency.

According to Woodlands Water General Manager James M. Stinson, the decision to rename is part of a larger rebranding strategy for the organization and a forthcoming marketing campaign called “Woodlands Water” which will serve to better communicate the organization’s services and benefits to the community.

Stinson said, “Focus groups revealed that most residents of The Woodlands are not aware of the WJPA, do not understand what services the WJPA performs for the MUDs, and think the current WJPA name is confusing and not descriptive enough to convey the true purpose of the organization.”

After reviewing the focus group data and listening to input from members of an ad hoc committee, the 10 MUDs of The Woodlands unanimously supported changing the name of WJPA to The Woodlands Water Agency, developing a new logo for the organization, and rebranding its marketing materials to reflect the new name and positioning of the organization.

Hallaron Advertising, a full-service advertising agency based in The Woodlands, will partner with WJPA to spearhead the “Woodlands Water” marketing campaign.

About Woodlands Water

Woodlands Water is the central management agency for the 10 Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) that serve The Woodlands in Montgomery County. The services we provide are water distribution, wastewater collection, storm drainage and tax collection services. The principal objective of Woodlands Water is to provide the MUDs we serve with professional, reliable and quality services consistent with fiscal responsibility. We are also committed to improving our efficiency and effectiveness at maintaining the utility infrastructure and enhancing communication with our customers.


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