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Election Information

Election Information

The Governor of the State of Texas issued a proclamation on March 13, 2020, certifying that COVID-19 poses an imminent threat of disaster and declaring a state of disaster for all counties in Texas under the authority vested in the Governor by Section 418.014 of the Texas Government Code, as amended. The Governor also issued a proclamation on March 18, 2020, suspending Sections 41.0052(a) and (b) of the Texas Election Code, as amended, to the extent necessary to allow political subdivisions that would otherwise hold their general and special elections on May 2, 2020, to postpone such elections to the next uniform election date occurring on November 3, 2020. The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of The Woodlands Road Utility District No. 1 (the “District”) has called a general election for the election of three (3) directors for the District to be held on May 2, 2020 (the “Election”). The Board deems it necessary and appropriate at this time to postpone the Election to the next uniform election date occurring on November 3, 2020, pursuant to the authority of the Governor’s proclamation, in order to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, protect the health and welfare of the District’s voters, election officials, and the general public, and ensure the orderly conduct of the Election. A copy of the Board’s order postponing the Election is attached below.

Please see the Texas Secretary of State website for election deadlines.

Please see Section 141.001, Texas Election Code, and Chapter 816, Acts of the 72nd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 1991, as amended by Chapter 1307, Acts of the 83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session, 2013, for the eligibility requirements to serve as a director. Candidate filing materials can be found on the Texas Secretary of State and the Texas Ethics Commission websites.

Election Notices

Order Postponing 2020 Directors Election

Director Information

NameBoard PositionWoodlands Water PositionAppointedElectedTerm Expires
Albert T. Tomchesson President Trustee Aug 2003 Aug 2003 2020
Bob Lux Vice President 1st Alternate   May 2014 2022
Mike Wise Secretary Treasurer   Feb 2015 Feb 2016 2020
Sandra George Assistant Secretary Treasurer   Jun 2011 May 2014 2022
Richard Stromatt Assistant Secretary Treasurer 2nd Alternate Jan 2016 Jan 2016 2022

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